Bogotá, DC
Bogotá, DC

Basketball Coach Manuel Guillermo Nieto

Regarded as one of the best basketball coaches in the nation, Coach Manuel Guillermo Nieto has built a tradition of excellence at the high school and college levels in Colombia, South America. He retired from the Saint George's School, Bogotá in 2006 after 15 straight seasons. Last year, Coach Nieto took the Dragons to the Uncoli Tournament for the 12th time in his career and had 10 consecutive winning seasons.Over 24 years as a basketball coach, his teams won 728 games and lost 233 with a winning percentage of 76%.

Beyond his teams achievements, he is known for his innovations, his teaching methods and his loyalty to his players. Coach Nieto provides support as a mathematic's tutor and teacher to help student athletes succeed both personally and academically.


Nieto has proven his stock as a teacher and leader during his outstanding career


uth America


Nieto's Basketball Camp
7th version

Session # 1: Girls
Ages 6-16 years

Session # 2: Boys
Ages 6-16 years

Dragons Girls Jr Varsity Team 2004 Asocoldep Champs.

1997 Colombian National Scholastic Championship.
Division A Gold Medal

Asocoldep Champions 2003
2005-06 Boys Varsity Team
Uncoli and Asocoldep Champions.

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