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For Chinese New Year, 2004, God gave me a miracle.  It started with my landlord informing me that he needed to take back the shop lot.     
It was a time of uncertainty and stress but God used it to show me His might. It reminded me of God parting the red sea but the Israelites went on by foot.  It must have been hazardous, carrying belongings and caring for the young and the old. 
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I rented a house for one and a half months and moved everything from the old premises into it as I waited to move into the new. Unfortunately, the tenants at the new place did not vacate on time.  In the end, I had only two days in which to move out of the temporary house.  It seemed humanly impossible. 
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Moving house and shop is very hard work
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Just in the nick of time, God provided a cell group of caring members who both helped and encouraged me.  Still, I was there with my doggie, Sasa, while renovation was going on.  It was my own "red sea."  The miracle was God's but I had to endure the journey.  In retrospect, I can only marvel at God's sense of timing and His faithfulness.
April 2004

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