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I am now a regular at this Life Group which meet every Friday Evening at the home of our Group Leader, Vincent.  Pictured here are Vincent and his lovely wife, Theresa with their children.

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NITTA,  ARUL  AND  CRYSTAL                      It all started early this year when a lady came to my shop at the old premises for a new pair of glasses.  At the same time, my Landlord called to inform me he might have to take back the premises for his own use.  The lady turned out to be Nitta who started praying with me and invited me to her Life Group meetings.  During the Chinese New Year season, The Lord provided for me a temporary place to stay in and a miracle at the last minute when I had to shift into the new premises within two days. 
Vincent, Theresa and their children
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The Father's Love, that's what prayer is all about.
I  thank God for all that...... Furthermore, I am truly grateful to the Life Group's leader and members for their help and encouragement. 

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